The marketing strategy is to create a market niche that focuses primarily on the customers involved in import/export business. To meet the required goals, TRENDZ Solution will develop a creative online presence by building a dynamic website and placing the complete profile of products and services and necessary information to connect with its customers. Further the company will invest and utilize modern practices to advertise it using social media campaigns and will maintain its presence inside online directories and other search engines sequentially by using modern marketing techniques to make a clear presence of the company on the internet.

Marketing Plan

TRENDZ Solution will establish business relationships with wholesalers, retailers, and distributors both domestically and internationally. The author has extensive experience and already business contacts within the industry, he will draw on these existing relationships to build a network of brokers that source products on behalf of the company. For successive sales and profit results, the company will apply marketing strategies including frequent social media campaigns and other advertisement platforms, such as through personal contacts, print and media and by maintaining public relations. Moreover, TRENDZ Solution, is also intended to build partnerships with other companies in order create a network of importers and exporters.


There are several small and medium size companies who are engage in the same line of business as TRENDZ Solution. The advantage to TRENDZ Solution would be that it’s unique market and its high investment on marketing and promotion strategies.